Online Coach / Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor

Steven Whitfield

Originally from Denmark, from a small town called Gjern, close to Silkeborg.
I had a good upbringing with my parents and 3 brothers,  From the early teenage years, I knew I wanted to travel and try to make a living in another country.

I was getting tired of working hard as a boilermaker, and not doing the things that I truly enjoyed and thought for a while that life was supposed to be like that forever.

I was a skinny kid like so many others,
No particularly good genetics but at the age of 18 I wanted to see a change in my lifestyle and physique. The place I worked at had a small gym and I started training and quickly took a liking to Weight training/ Bodybuilding.
I started seeing some of the benefits with training just after a few weeks and realized that I had discovered something special and suddenly found that I liked learning and growing in every aspect, and became eager to improve.

- It wasn't just about feeling good,..
but also the discipline and life changes that came with it!


Later I got myself a gym membership, and started training frequently after school.
My big inspiration was old school bodybuilders like Arnold, Columbo, Frank Zane, Dorian Yates, as well as today's physiques like Steve Cook, Mike Thurston, Jeremy Buendia, Jacob Sumana & Breon Ansley.

I've studied what works in terms of building a good physique by trying different training methods and different dieting tactics,  tested it out on myself in the
past 12 years of training and kept myself updated with the latest science studies.  

I have gained a ton of knowledge which I want to pass on, since I am aware how much misleading information there is available on the internet now a days. Also for the fact that optimizing your training is so important and that I wish I had a trainer for the first few years of my start up.

2014 I took the big leap to go to Australia and decided to pursue one of my biggest dreams- to learn more within the industry of fitness and make a living & career of doing the things I am most passionate about.

I truly love helping and passing on information to others to assist in achieving their fitness goals. I got my Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness becoming a certified Personal Trainer in July 2014 only 4 months after my arrival to Perth, Western Australia.

I got experience with training a big variety of clients- young and older adults, unfit and fit, females and males, Group circuits. Fat loss Goals, Strength & Muscle Hypertrophy, Boxing for Fitness etc. Anything from 1 on 1 PT sessions to 2 on 1 to Group fitness classes. 

One of my biggest philosophies in life is “Always to continue learning and grasp every opportunity possible”.

In February 2014, I was gratified to be given the opportunity to be the state manager of My Fitness Kickboxing Perth. Later started Whitfield Fitness. 
To be an online coaching site, for people who wants to try something new and simple, and to pass on the knowledge I have attained to save others time & money!

Currently training clients at Snap Fitness Osborne Park in Perth and pursuing my own journey towards competing in Bodybuilding and fighting Muay Thai.

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